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I started my woodwork business 28 years ago with $800 and grew it to a $5 MILLION Business and 50 people. We did everything, COMMERCIAL WORK, RESIDENTIAL WORK, HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITIES, BANKS, OFFICES, HIGH RISE  RESIDENTS and STORE FIXTURES sound familiar. We had 2 Estimators, 4 Project Managers, 3 Drafts People, and the list goes on. We did almost everything in house in our 40,000 foot facility. We Pressed Veneer, Ran Mouldings, Casework, Finishing, Solid Surface, you name it we did it. Today it takes everything you got to stay in Business, let alone even think about making a profit on your work. Consistency and Organization is the key in today’s business. Toss out your old friends that cared about you. It’s the “LOWEST PRICE THAT GETS         THE JOB” in today’s market.                That’s why I am coming out with  ST- MATE.

The most complete and easy to use estimating software package for the small 2-3 man shops to medium 50 man and larger size shops.


   ST- MATE writes your proposal and your description “Task” sheet  for you, it breaks down the shop hours so you can properly  SCHEDULE MAN HOURS BY DEPARTMENTS so you don’t take  that job and have to work overtime and eat up your profits to hit “THEIR SCHEDULE”.  With  ST- MATE you know where you’re at all the time with your schedule, with your work load and your money.  So many shops take a job just to feed their cash flow not thinking         of the impact on all the what if’s. Does your company do that? Do they do the what if’s?

      Do you KNOW            your break even dollar when turning in a bid?

   Do you KNOW                 where your man hours are compared to your current situation?

 Do you KNOW                     who you’re BEST 15 Clients are and what are you doing to take care of them?

                                                      Do you discount work when you need it and up charge when you don’t?


I have been in this industry for 28 years working every department you can think of. As an owner you wear all the hats and I started out by myself and I can say I have done it all.  I have been on the Advisory Counsel for AWI. I was the Vice President of the Chicago Chapter of AWI. I helped start their Estimating Seminars and was one of the key speakers. I have been asked by many companies to help them with their estimating and consult them with their business.  

 Everyone needs to be PROFITABLE, you need to make money, but you need to be smart about it. Proper planning is the key and it starts in the office.  I have a client that had 7 estimators and once they  went to ST-Mate they now do the same amount of work with  4. That says a lot.  If you are paying your estimators, say 50K to keep it simple and you have 7 of them that’s costing you $350,000 a year and since they purchased ST- MATE last year and now they  have 4 estimators,  that’s  a $100,000 savings in the first year doing the same work.