10 Recommended Shopify Apps to Increase your Sales 10x with Upsell

Shopify is one of the famous e-commerce Platform in the present market and the future of E-commerce Industry. It gives a self-facilitating arrangement. Shopify apps Helps to end user start and raise their e-commerce stores within a go without any extra technical and programmatic skills.


When you’re in the e-commerce industry, your online store must have a sales funnel and conversion optimized modules ready to increase the revenue. The theme and flow of the store is an important perspective that can convey success to your business. Here are some upsells of Shopify with their benefits that can help you to engage more customers to your online store:

Discounted Upsells – Cross-Sell and Upsell by Booster Apps

1. You can generate more sales through upselling products at discounted rates.

2. No duplicate variants, unlike other apps! Fully compatible with all Shopify sales channels and inventory management.

3. High-level of support is provided.

4. No duplicate variants that can break your store and reporting.

5. No coding necessary! Get set up with upsell and cross-sells within 2 minutes.

6. These are fully customizable and take less than a minute to create.

7. You can approach more customers with its Mobile Friendly design.

You can generate special and exclusive offers with Shopify upsells.

Smart Upsells – Upsell by Surge Apps by Surge Apps

1. You can earn extra revenue with minimal effort.

2. This is the most popular upsell app in the app store since 89% of customers make extra revenue during their trial period.

3. You can prompt customers to buy relevant items for their cart with these Smart Upsells.

4. Amazon Reported in 2006 that 35% of its ENTIRE sales was attributed to upsells. You can utilize this technique too with Smart Upsells.

5. You can display your upsell offers at the exact right time and provide an even better experience for your customers.

6. No coding is required as well as you can get detailed matrices.

7. Quick response time.

8. Beautifully crafted popup to entice users to upsell

9. You have a range of options for when to display an upsell offer

Product Upsell by BOLD

You can boost up your sales with the help of Shopify upsells.

1. This is the most loved app on Shopify.

2. It offers relevant add-on, or upgrade products to customers based on cart content, totals $ in the cart, or even a combination.

3. It promotes various specials or items based on order value. You can pair it with the Product Discount app.

4. This is #1 recommended sales app.

5. This is only one and all in one app that does Upsells, Cross-sells, and SMART upsells.

6. It offers an amazing look at mobile phones.

7. It offers a warranty on your products

8. This encourages shoppers to get to a free shipping threshold: Offer upsells of a certain dollar amount based on cart totals that will get them there.

9. It offers a complementary product.

Upsell Bundles – Bundle Products by Booster Apps

1. It increases revenue and average order value significantly. Over 95% of stores make extra revenue within its trial.

2. Bundle and earn more sales! Get set up within 2 minutes! No duplicate variants, unlike other apps.

3. It takes less than 1 minute to get set up in.

4. No coding necessary! You can start making upsell bundles instantly.

5. This is the only app to offer discounted product bundles.

6. It can bundle as many products as you like.

7. No coding necessary and adds bundles instantly.

8. Bundle the right way -No duplicate variants to mess up your store like other apps.

Email Marketing Automation by Conversio

Outreach your existing customers with Email marketing through Conversio

1. It connects with your Shopify account and starts sending beautiful, converting emails in minutes.

2. You can sell more using supercharged, intelligent and automated email options: Receipts, Follow-Up Emails, Abandoned Cart Emails, and Newsletters.

3. Upsell and cross-sell using email tools and on-site widgets: Visual Product Reviews and Feedback.

4. You can start with Receipts by simply dragging and drop upsell modules to increase your Customer Lifetime Value.

5. It provides premade conversion driven campaigns that make it easy to recover revenue through Abandoned Cart Emails.

6. Enhance your product page with Visual Reviews and increase your social proof. Your customers can submit their reviews through the product page or through email.

7. You can use its powerful segmentation to send personalized emails to sell more by cross-selling.

8. You can easily set-up and start sending personalized emails to help you convert more.

Frequently Bought Together Upsell by Code Black Belt

1. Its ‘Frequently Bought Together’ is like Amazon.

2. You can add all related products to the cart with just a single click and easier for your customer means more sales for you.

3. One-click installation. No coding or template modification required for this.

4. You can limit the maximum number of recommended products.

5. You can also fine-tune manually the recommendations for each product.

6. Option to skip cart and redirect directly to the checkout.

7. All stores using this app will receive periodically an insightful SEO report.

8. Option to apply a percentage discount to the bundle and display compare at prices.

9. Show ratings from Shopify Product Reviews.

Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit by SpurIT

1. You can welcome your visitors with a stylized popup to inform them about a promotion, offer them a coupon or suggest to sign-up for your newsletter.

2. You can make a super offer to a visitor who is leaving your store without a purchase. Just try exit popup offers that will really increase your sales.

3. High converting popup templates, extended statistics and email marketing services integration.

4. It provides 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of 42 sec.

5. Powerful functionality and Full customization that actualizes all your ideas.

6. Forever Free Plan without any limitations with any Shopify theme.

7. Any plan doesn’t have any limitations for visitors, popups or the number of offers.

8. Set up any conditions to show the lightbox popup to visitors.

9. With an easy-to-use insightful editor, you can make a nice-looking popup that will perfectly match your Shopify store.

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell by SMAR7 Apps

1. It instantly boosts your sales with the most customer-friendly Upsell & Bundle app on Shopify.

2. Reward & Incentivize Customers with Discounts OR Free Shipping for Adding More items to their Cart.

3. It works beautifully on all web browsers and all mobile devices.

4. It shows Products Related to the Products in the Customer’s Cart.

5. Its gamification encourages users to spend MORE money on each purchase.

Boost Sales – Upsell & Cross sell by Beeketing

1. Upsell & Cross-sell offers to encourage customers to add higher-valued items or purchase bundles to increase sales from any customers.

2. Excite customers with upselling game design technique: motivate customers to spend a little more to reach a goal and receive sweet discount offers.

3. Its upsell offers on cart page to convert even more sales from paying customers.

4. Boost the average order value and skyrocket your sales.

5. Create value deals by adding a discount to your offers to increase conversions.

6. Create multiple upsell & cross-sell offers in 60 seconds by importing CSV file. Save your time and maximize app efficiency.

7. Upsell & cross-sell offers are beautifully responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices.

8. Holiday Themes Collection & customization options to help you decorate your storefront, attract customers and increase conversion rate on the special sales crazes each year.

9. Get a detailed report on every to upsell & cross-sell offer to help you optimize for better performance.

Personalized Recommendations by Beeketing

1. Increased sales by recommending the right products customers may also like, based on their behavior and purchase history. Tailor product recommendations to each of your unique customers with highly advanced personalized recommendation algorithms.

2. Freely customize the products you want to recommend to your customers & widget locations.

3. You can suggest items most frequently bought together by collecting and analyzing sales data from all customers.

4. You can present the hottest products of your store right in the homepage, thus increase sales volumes of your most potentially sold items.

5. Remind customers of items they viewed and are interested in, together with featured recommendations based on their browsing and purchase history.

6. Suggest the most relevant additional products that a customer may also like by grasping their tastes and preferences based on everything in their shopping cart.

10 Recommended Shopify Apps to Increase your Sales 10x with Upsell

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