There is an Irish proverb that says “A man’s work is from Sun to Sun, but a mother’s work is never done”. This proverb is a perfect explanation of a mother’s life. The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day. This year this auspicious day will be on the 10th of May as it is the second Sunday of May month. Though a day is not enough to show our gratitude for our mothers, this day is to make them feel proud of them.

On this Mother’s Day, mothers can try explaining their kids some important tips. These tips are not always discussed with the kids. In this article, we will be discussing 10 such unsung tips that a mother should explain to their kids.

10 Tips By Mom’s For Every Teenager

1. Trusted advisor – A mother has to deal with a lot of things in their daily life. So, it becomes difficult for them to analyze everything. Being a mother is definitely a difficult task. But taking decisions becomes more difficult for a child who is in their early teenage life. Tell them to make wise decisions with a calm mind.

2. Choose between good and bad- The age group of 17-23 is the most difficult age for children. Parents, especially mothers are closer to their children than fathers. So, they can tell their children to choose well between good and bad. Explain this with a common example. Such as, there comes a stage in every teenager’s life when they start liking someone. Mothers can take the initiative to explain to them that everything in life has a time. She should explain to her kids that falling in love is not wrong. But studying is more important than loving in that stage of life.

3. Don’t choose to booze- Drugs and alcohol is a common addiction that teenagers adopt. Try explaining to them the bad effects that drugs and alcohol might have on their immune system. Drinking is fine, but drinking regularly is not fine. Let your children understand the difference between being a guy who drinks a lot in his high school party and the guy who drives his drunk friend back home without drinking.

4. Sex Education- When your child comes across words like “sex” and “condom”, do not hesitate to explain to them the meanings of these words. It is very important for them to know what these words are and where they should use them. Sex education is the most important part a mother should start at home. Let them understand the difference between sex and rape. Let them understand the actual meaning of consent. Teach them what “good touch” and “bad touch” mean.

5. Safe sex– Explain the use of “condoms” to your children. How IUDs work, and when should one consume birth control pills. Explain to them that unprotected sex may lead to many problems. The problems might result in teenage pregnancy or STDs like AIDS. Let them know the use of lube which is convenient and is much safer than other methods for women.

6. Social media– Social media nowadays influences today’s youth a lot. This makes them forget about the reality they are in. They start taking their virtual life more than their real life. As a mother, start advising them to make real friends and not virtual friends. Start spending time with those real friends, and share their emotions with them. Make them analyze that real friends are the most trustworthy ones. They will stand beside them when needed.

7. Career– As a mother, you can tell them about their career options and how they should peruse the career and chase their dream. Try to know what your child is good at and keep supporting them to choose a career they want to. Do not force them to choose their career, but respect their choice. Always keep in mind that every individual is different. Every individual is good at something or the other. So, let them choose.

8. Love vs Infatuation– There is a phase in every teenager’s life when they go through their own version and give their own theory. It is the most crucial time, parents’ role comes into play. Reports have figured out that most teenagers do not inform their parents about their relationships. They try to cope up along with their relationships and end up creating a mess. Parents should understand the situation their children are passing through. Tell them to give their relationship some time to know whether they love their partner or it is an attraction that they are facing. Do not scold them but try to make the situation more comfortable to make your child understand the difference between infatuation and true love.

9. Peer Pressure– explain the disadvantages of having fake friends and facing peer pressure. It is not only that friends are the reasons for peer pressure but also relatives. Tell your children to avoid peer pressure by using some negative words like “no”. give them certain examples like, when a friend forces you to smoke, you should say” no” and mean it. Teach them to be repetitive and not hesitate to state their position over and over again.

10. Failure is the key to success– There are thousands and thousands of failure stories behind one successful story. Inspire your kids with the failure stories of a great public figure. Let them know how they tried hard and succeeded in the end. Tell them to follow the path of success and keep believing in themselves.

Mother is a child’s first friend. No one can break the bond between a mother and her child. So, set some limits on their lifestyle. This will make them a better person. And definitely do explain the reasons behind those restrictions. Valuable tips do not end for a mother to share with her child. These were some of the unsung tips that a mother can try explaining to their kids on Mother’s Day.

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