A Comprehensive Guide for BlockChain Technology

There are a lot of exaggerated claims observed for blockchain and bitcoin. The Blockchain is a robust and secure transaction ledger that is shared by all participating services in a distributed networking system. It is a potential game-changer, which is benefiting each industry: security, flexibility and privatization. Some people are totally unaware of these terms. Here in this post, we are going to give you an important and exclusive knowledge about blockchain. Before understanding blockchain, let’s get started. Take a look at bitcoin and cryptography:


bitcoin & blockchain

Bitcoin is also known as a cryptocurrency. It is a new type of digital currency that was created with an intent to remove “middle men” while making money transactions. Here a middle man means banks or similar financial services. You do not have to pay transaction fees and provide your details. More businesses are adopting it rapidly: you can buy web hosting services, burger or even salon services. Some good reasons to use bitcoins are – for buying merchandise anonymously, making international payments easy without any regulation, as a great source of investment. It is the first technology which optimized the blockchain to ensure the secure way of transactions.

How is Bitcoin Optimizing Blockchain?

The blockchain is the main technology that works for bitcoin transaction. The transactions are recorded on the distribution ledger as a block. A series of these transaction blocks form a blockchain. Blockchain maintains the secure transaction in order to get rid of frauds. The distributed computers record and verify the transaction data to know whether the transaction is valid or not. Then only the block will be added to the ledger. This showcase the uttermost security and we all know the significance of security in transactions.

Without blockchain, bitcoin has no meaning to perform transactions because it is the only technology which is responsible to provide security by recording and storing the transaction in a public ledger. No other method of security has been witnessed before like this. A consensus-based model is trusted to maintain the overall data unlike central institutions such as banks.


Encryption & Decryption

It is also known as cryptology. It involves the process of encryption and decryption to hide the original information from misuse. The information kept secret and it converts and allowed to be transmitted with any decryption in a readable format.

To maintain high-level security documentation in major industries such as medical, healthcare, voting, and crucial devices, it is being used.

Need of Blockchain

The blockchain is a tamper-proof technology which is being optimized for various business needs. Any industry or marketplace can use it without a single risk of failure. Let’s get an insight on how it is helping in some essential functions of the industry.


Making Payments

As we have already discussed bitcoin, there is not much need to dive into that. The main aim of making payments with the help of cryptocurrency is to maintain security and avoid double charges of the transaction which is generally charged by banks. You need not go to the banks and require any credit/debit card to make payments.

On one hand, it is making people clear to choose bitcoin instead of banks and on another hand, it is helping banks to see whether their candidates can afford loans, and on the basis of that the banks qualify them for the loan.

Certifying Certificates

Not only the devices but also the important and sensitive information can be stored. When you are going to hire blockchain expert, and want to see his/her certificate, what would you do to check the validity of the certificate?

You must be aware of the fact that software developer put store their certificates in mobile apps, and that you will check the validity with the help of blockers. Storing details of important documents in the blockchain gives the access to view and verify the content and identity of the person to whom it was delivered without the need of any contact.


Blockchain can provide a secure voting system that needs the identity of the voter and a trusted authentication of votes. No one can make any kind of fraud or hack the system because in that case each vote of a single candidate is recorded and distributed in a public ledger. In no such case, there are chances to change the votes and hack the entire automated system.

Internet of Things

Blockchain influence IoT in a good way. Conventional IT security methods are not that much suited to IoT, where real challenges are more than anything. Looking at those constraints, the public ledger comes to help industries to offer the cryptographic proofs, secure data transfer and transparent methods to view identity.

IoT & Blockchain

All those devices that are based on the real-time ledger, that are used to record real-time activities of users are greatly giving much profit with the help of blockchain. For example, real-time billing is being recorded in the smartest way to benefit retailers by allowing them to view the identity of their customers allow them to offer the services as per the choices.

Think of the letters of credit that are being filled by customers on the bill, if you can view these kinds of details; imagine you have a more real-time view of the world. A smarter device that can record a product’s information like who is delivering it, Tax, and government clearance etc, any business that can have this sort of access will definitely be going to groove its present growth.

Final Thought

Currently, blockchain is not limited to financial sector only; it is taking new paces in IT also. Blockchain development services are emerging out as a brand new trade for ITs and a great career for developers who take interest in this tremendous technology.

There are a lot of predictions set for Blockchain and people get really curious what will be the next big thing relate with it. As per the recent report, “it is claimed that by the year 2025, 10% of GDP will be stored on blockchain”.

The way businesses, industries and private or public organizations are instantly making habitual of this technology, gives the future outlooks that how blockchain will be needed.


A Comprehensive Guide for BlockChain Technology

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