Asus is all set to launch its brand new Zenbook Pro ux550. It will be one-of-its-kind in the entire Zenbook laptop line-up in terms of its specifications. It will weigh pretty less, being just 4.1 pounds of weight, it comes packed up in a frame of 18.9mm together with hexacore Core i9 processor and GTX 1050 GPU. It offers a 4K screen which is factory-calibrated and powerful speakers of Harman Kardon brand.

It is interesting to note that laptops usually do not come loaded with Core i9. Generally, the gaming devices or laptops specifically meant for gaming offer this processor. This is something that makes Zenbook Pro 15 unique as it offers Core i9, yet it isn’t one of those bulky gaming laptop.
 Zenbook Pro ux550
Notably, this processor comes loaded only in the higher end laptops of the line-up. The lower-end models don’t get an i9, instead they are powered by six-core Core i7-8750H and if not, then by quad-core Core i5-8300H processors. But as far as screens are concerned, both the high end and low end versions get 15.6 inch IPS multitouch LCD screens that give complete support for AdobeRGB  color space. Next spec that makes this upcoming laptop unique is that both higher and lower end versions of the model offer full color spacing available on its screen. This is again a spec which is not very commonly found in Windows laptops.

Coming over to its memory and RAM, GTX 1050 comes loaded with 4GB of GDDR5 memory and you have two different options of RAM as it is offered in 8GB and 16GB options. Along with this you also get SSD of PCle 3.0 x 4/NVMe which offers an amazing capacity of up to 1TB.

Not just the laptop offers great specs, it also looks great. Its special kind of design will give it a sharp and sleek looks and renderings as it comes with great looking rose gold edges along with aluminium chassis from popular “Deep Dive Blue” brand. Coming onto its ports, the device will come packed with two Thunderbolt 3 ports along with two USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and a display output from HDMI. You also have a microSD card reader and a TRRS audio jack and of course, a special proprietary jack for charging.

After a long list of goodies that Zenbook Pro 15 offers, let’s come over to some of its weaker points. Well, it offers VGA camera, which is neither very powerful nor does it do any cool job. Next thing that makes the device not so awesome is its battery. With its 71 WH Li-Poly battery, Zenbook Pro 15 is supposed to be offering possible usage limit of 9.5 hours. This may make you think twice before actually investing your money on the laptop.

However, it is completely next-gen in its overall appearance and specifications in the zenbook line-up. Another of interesting fact about the laptop is its way to cool off the heat! With such huge list of specs in such a tiny-little frame, it is obvious to have the device heated up soon. But Asus claims to use special heat pipes and fans for the purpose. So, Zenbook gets three heat pipes and two fans that regulate all the heat generated by the usage of all its specs.

Asus, still has to declare the prices of its new range but it’s pretty clear that it will be pricier than other laptops with so much to offer because of its petite frame and smart construction.