Vagina of woman is the most sensitive part which needs proper care. Ironically, woman tends to ignore the importance of vaginal care and land themselves in troubles. The labia portion generally because of numerous reasons loses its moisture and hence it calls for natural moisturizing.

There are no known causes of labia dryness but definitely it is a certain concern and that is why a deep review of the wonderful product Cleo is here to know more about the labia dryness and its solution.

What is Cleo?

Cleo is simply a lip balm of vaginal lips. It is not a lubricating agent but a simple moisturizer to deep nourish the vaginal lips and give them a healthy state. It is crafted with the ph balance of 4.7 thus making it desirable for the labia use and keeping its moisture retained. It is devoid of any chemical, artificial agent or hormones and gives a wonderful experience to woman during menopause.

The historical significance of Cleo:

Cleo is a woman product crafted by woman. It is 100% natural product which has been made after the deliberation from customers. Thus, it holds to be a significant product which is derived from the customer’s feedback.

What are the natural ingredients found in Cleo?

Cleo is comprised of six all natural ingredients which are skin- friendly.  As other products of Damvia, the team of Damvia chooses to uniquely combine the natural compositions to give Cleo the best ingredients. The list of six natural ingredients which makes Cleo a worth products is below:

  1. The major ingredient is shea oil, which is natural way to keep the moisture of skin retained. It is prime cosmetic ingredient used by Europeans.
  2. The next major ingredient used in the Cleo is Kokum butter, which is also known as garcinia Indicia is a great moisturizing agent with no – grease effect.
  3. Cocoa butter is another ingredient which is rich in moisturizing quality giving your labia skin a new glow.
  4. Sodium Hyaluronate, also is one essential composition out of six which is again a natural moisturizing agent found in green leaves.
  5. Sea buckthorn extracts are natural berries blessed with anti- oxidants.
  6. Vitamin E, a paradise component for the skin products which prevents bacterial growth.

So, the wonderful combination of these products makes the use of Cleo worth. Daily applying this natural product can be of great help.

How to use Cleo in right way?

Cleo simply is like a lip balm to your vaginal lips which retains the dumped moisture of the labia region. Using Cleo is a right thing to do but how to use is another necessary step. Simply, use the Cleo spatula and apply on fingertips and softly rub the moisturizer manually on the vaginal lips. Also, the product should be kept in the normal room temperature in a dry place to make it suitable for longer use.

The essential benefits of using Cleo:

Labia portion of woman needs a lot more care, the dry labia can cause unnecessary itching and that is why the Cleo by Damvia is a miraculous product to rejuvenate the dull vaginal lips. Here are a few key features of using Cleo:

  • It is a complete natural product
  • It is free from any artificial agent
  • It is a natural labia moisturizer
  • Balances the ph level of the labia

Damvia is a brand name and in no time it has established a greater consumer market specializing in women products. Thus, Cleo is one exceptional product to be used for the vaginal needs.


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