Facial Rejuvenation means reversing the effects of aging. Aging can be either mechanical or photoaging.



What are the steps involved in the facial rejuvenation process?

Corrective, and maintenance. Correction is tailored to each patient depending on the problems utilizing different techniques including lasers, chemical peels, and others


How complicated is the process?

It can be tedious and requires time and skill

How popular has this procedure become?

Very. The need for this procedure increases as the baby boomers get older, resisting all the way. They’ve watched Oprah and extreme makeover. They’ve read Time, They know what they want and they want it now with minimal downtime


Why has it become popular?

North America is graying. In the US alone someone turns 40 every 60 seconds, 1000 people reach the age of 100 every day. Twenty-five years from now 50% of the population will be over the age of 50.


Who are your clients?

For the most part women between ages 20-70. As we do hair transplants we have a significant number of male patients as well.  More men are having procedures done. Through financing arrangements, more low-income patients are getting procedures done. According to the AACS 1996 motivation to do procedures vary from women to men:


  1. Improve self-image
  2. Recent single status: divorced/widowed
  3. Keep up with peers who had cosmetic surgery
  4. Strong influence by a spouse or significant other


  1. Improve self-image
  2. Enhance career
  3. Keep up with peers who had cosmetic surgery
  4. Recent single status: divorced/widowed
  5. Strong influence by a spouse or significant other


How much of a difference can you help somebody obtain through facial rejuvenation?

Impressive, significant, natural, modifiable, but should set realistic expectations


What is your background?

Fellow ASLMS. AAACS, FAAFP. Trained in Surgery and Family Medicine University of IL.


Since you’re dealing with people’s appearance, does that make your job more challenging?

It makes it more enjoyable, and extremely rewarding. Yet difficult because of changing trends and exploding technology


What other procedures are clients coming to you for?

Although in Medicine there are many diseases, yet they usually fall into 3 different models:

The model I: Disease-Cure model: Infections/Mole removal

Model II: Disease-Control model: DM HTN/ hirsutism

Model III: Disease-suppression model: Cancer/wrinkles

Most cosmetic conditions fall under Model II or II.

  • Laser Hair removal https://ameriaa.com/
  • Laser vein treatments
  • Rosacea
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • CoolTouch II Laser
  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Hair transplant
  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • The S-Lift


What do you say to those people who believe that it’s wrong to have these surgeries done?

To each his own


Who is an ideal candidate to have a procedure done?

Women 35-65 years with photoaging


What’s your advice for somebody who is interested in having some work done?

Do your research. Learn about your procedure. The web is a great resource. Choose your cosmetic surgeon and schedule a consultation. See before and after pictures and write down a list of questions.


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