If you don’t already know, here’s a piece of good news for new Sprint users! If you buy Snapdragon-powered PCs any time soon, you’d get unlimited Sprint LTE free from the rest of the year! Engadget was first to spot this cool offer from Sprint, as the company mentioned it in its promotions targeting users who use Windows PC and they usually require some paid data plans to stay connected to internet. The promotion suggested that their offer will help the users stay “Always Connected.”

According to this new offer, if you buy the HP Envy x2 or perhaps the Lenovo Miix 630 or may be the Asus NovaGo, you get free LTE from Sprint right after your purchase to the end of this year, i.e. till 31st of December 2018! That sounds a cool plan, indeed! But then here’s a caveat – once the free period gets over, you’ll have to pay for the subscription! So, it can be mere $5 if you go for an auto pay or may even cost you $15 per month. And the reason why you need to stay aware of this information is that it gets started automatically and if you really don’t want to have it, you’ll have to cancel it up! However, most people need a data connection (who doesn’t?) and there’s absolutely no harm in having it for free for couple of months before you again start paying for it!

Discounts on data connection or free connections for a while work really great in selling most of these devices. Sprint is working exactly on this sales strategy to make money by offering several months of free services before asking the users to pay for it finally.
Sprint 4G LTE
Interestingly, it is up to you whether you want a Sprint connection or not. To be more specific, Sprint doesn’t sell any of these devices; it simply provides you with a carrier and data option. So, once you have bought the device, you’ll also have to buy a SIM card which of course, you can buy either online or right from the store or simply get it shipped along with the PC you purchased and activate your free LTE manually later on. This also means that if you don’t really want a Sprint connection, you can simply leave it out!

After all, Sprint is not the only carrier out there in the market, even though when it has some exciting offer for you! Moreover, almost every carrier comes up with some or other exciting offer as a part of their promotional strategies. Way back in 2014, T-Mobile came up with an exciting offer of 1GB free tablet data for about a year’s time for the users who switched to their connections. Sprint too had a similar offer last year! It also offered unlimited data to users switching on to their mobile services.

Now, if you are really planning to buy any of the above mentioned PCs, there’s absolutely no harm in trying out this offer for a while! After all, you can always switch to another carrier, if you do not like the one you use!