When my online order couldn’t be delivered and got assisted via customer care that’s where I learned how a virtual assistant plays a vital role by assisting the entrepreneurs in managing their businesses as a single person can’t do each and everything, not because of incapability but because outsourcing the same work instead of doing on your own is more feasible, why do you think people hire drivers when they know how to drive on their own. VA’s are those people who are not in-house product i.e., an employee, they are the sub-contractor. When the mobile phone is assembled, all of its parts are brought from different parts of the world according to the quality and affordability.


So one of the important thing which I learned from being a virtual assistant is having that quality and affordability to be able to be sought by those who need assistance, talking about the quality I replaced my gaming apps with word puzzles, lots of reading including dictionary, started drafting for own business advertisements and personal blogs to recognize correct target audience.

Nowadays they have various sites where you can find a job as a virtual assistant, a few of which are mentioned below

Start Learning How To Become Online Virtual Assistant


Upwork is one of the most competitive virtual assistant sites, but more than 12000 freelancers can follow their passion and feed themselves with good money due to this site, which also has a filter through which you can only look for US-based clients as well.

It offers you opportunities which range from low paying to higher-paying, and also has overseas clients which might pay less for the same work which you get in the US, so please be careful while selecting your suitable client.

As there a large number of freelancers available you need to stand out of the crowd, you might highlight your unique hobbies or make your own video showcasing your skills which might help in getting noticed and to be hired.

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has more than 30000 job roles listed in its space, although it’s not available free, it’s worth using, you can first test whether you fit in for the jobs available and then you can sign up.

I would suggest not to just randomly apply any kind of offer you are getting, rather first go through all what’s available out there and then apply for those you feel best suits you up, definitely its time taking but its worth to work for the role which you belong and not just do it to get anything.

3. Toptal

This also one of the major freelancing spaces but more of a professional kind, like software engineer, consultant, designers, and also a personal assistant. Although getting hired in this site is a bit difficult because of the skill set it requires but still, it can help you learn a new skill to fit in and it might also be possible that you outstand the crowd because of one of your unique skills.

4. Indeed

Indeed is a site where more than 250 million people visit regularly as it provides an opportunity to upload your resume and search for jobs for free. It has many jobs offer that would you definitely find one suiting your skill sets, try a search with different keywords according to your interest so that you don’t end up going through the same job description again and again. You can set alert and submit it with a customized proposal which is catchy and services that can provide to potential clients.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a more sophisticated app to have a great number of audience to get in touch with, this site can end up having you a large number of great opportunities according to your experience, education, and skills. You can find both part-time and full-time jobs at this site by just mentioning every achievement of your life in terms of academics.

You just have to keep updating your profile regularly, here your profile display picture also matters a lot including each &every academic certificate and conferences in which you have been.

I have noticed every job role considers your LinkedIn profile while hiring you, I had to create a LinkedIn profile before starting my first job because it was necessary to have one according to their policy.

6. Fiver

This site allows you to sell your services all across the world, one more thing it only accepts those job roles which offer $5, yes one thing is sure that you won’t be freelancing unpaid via this site. You just have to give your deliveries on time so that you could get good reviews to get recommended for higher-paying jobs on this site.

7. Belay

Belay provides a variety of services to its clients from content writing to bookkeeping every small bit of service can be provided through the site, most of the contractors in this site just have a bachelor’s degree and experience as supporting staff. Belay is known for more number of an interview before getting hired so be very well prepared before applying for the jobs available in this site.

In order to be a good virtual assistant you just need to keep sharpening your skills according to the growing market, being updated with the changing environment is the key to be hired whether for a full-time or part-time job. As it is well said that learning is a continuous process and it shouldn’t stop all through your life because the day your skills are outdated you won’t have any market value or any recognition in the market in terms of work profile or getting hired for any other job. Gone are the days when a person used to work more than 5years in the same firm, if you are seeking for growth you must accept changes in order to survive in this changing environment. In the end, what matters is your own skills and knowledge be it whichever site it gets recognized and paid off well.


So keep learning and assisting!

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