Hormonal Acne is a very common problem that occurs during pregnancy. Acne might be painful or painless and spread all over your body. As per the studies, out of two pregnant women, one has high chances of getting affected by this problem. The Acne usually appears during the first trimester is acne a sign of pregnancy because of the rising hormonal levels in the body. If you do not experience any acne in the initial months of your pregnancy, there are very rare chances to get them towards the end. The risen hormonal level stimulates the oil glands in the skin which result in oily skin and eventually acne. Some woman also experience after pregnancy acne; however, they have a lower outbreak.
Dealing with acne while pregnant can be a little troublesome; as you may not be able to take all the drugs due to the risk to the baby. You should not take any medicine without consulting the doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you the safe treatment for acne during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Acne Appearance:-

Your first question would be; what does pregnancy acne look like? Hormonal acnes are usually the first sign of the pregnancy in many women. However, those who have a history of persistent acne problem are more prone to their occurrence during pregnancy. You might identify them with following symptoms:
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Red spots
• Inflamed and painful bumps and pustules
• Red spots

How to Treat Acne During Pregnancy:-

To avoid any birth defects the treatment of hormonal acne during pregnancy must be done after the consultation of a doctor only. The doctor will best guide you about the many options available for this purpose.

The best way to get rid of acne problem is using non-medicated treatments like opting better cleaning schedules, drinking more water, and using special face masks. There are various pregnancy acne wash available in the market that reduces the outbreak of acne.

The doctor may also prescribe you some ointments consisting different types of alpha hydroxy acids. These ointments should be used topically only, and avoided oral intake. Topical treatment acts on the skin and consists of lotions, washes, lotions, and gels.

A doctor might also prescribe you an effective topical antibacterial treatment for your acne problem during pregnancy. Bacteria are one of the prime reasons of acne. Clindamycin and erythromycin are the two antibacterial options that are prescribed by most of the doctors. They are tested to be safe for use during pregnancy.

Some things to Avoid:-

While you undergo the treatment for your acne, there are a few things you must avoid doing. This includes:
• Do not touch the acne
• Do not try popping any pimples
• Do not take any oral drug until and unless prescribed by the doctor.
• Stay away from aspirin as it resembles salicylic acid (an option prescribed by doctors for acne treatment) in many ways but has adverse effects on your pregnancy.

Acne during pregnancy can be frustrating and may cause you internal as well as external discomfort. Do not give up on it and try the many treatments described earlier. However, you can consult your doctor for any precautionary steps to be taken against acne at the very start of your pregnancy.

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