If you are among those Instagram users who have tons of things to share and a really huge fan base, you’d love to share longer videos. And here is Instagram video news– Instagram will offer you the possibility to post longer videos! Now you’ll be able to buy Instagram video views.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s report “a new feature”, soon there won’t be any length constraints on the videos that you post on Instagram. So, if you have always been wishing if you could post long-form clips on the social site, here’s your chance!

This step is to make Instagram stand closer to YouTube as well as be in line with Facebook. And of course, this move will give more flexibility to the users opening up better creative opportunities. However, it is still in its planning stage and rather tentative at the moment. This suggests that Instagram can even change its idea or perhaps decide on the time frame and instead of radically extending its time frame; it can consider shortening up the maximum running time and so on.

Journal also suggested that this particular feature will mainly “focus on vertical video”. Notably, Instagram Stories already uses tall vertical video format for its videos and as the report has not made it clear if longer time frame for the videos will only be allowed in the stories section, we can’t yet say if you’d you be able to use it for the main feed.

At the moment, you can only share a 15 second long video in the Instagram Stories section. However, the main feed section gives you the privilege of sharing longer videos which can be up to 60 seconds long.

As was found in November 2017, Stories feature is pretty popular with more than 300 million daily active users. (This data is from November 2017, it must have gone up by now.) And if we take a count of the total Instagram users, they are far above 800 million, which means time extension will become a great hit among the users!

Over the recent weeks, Instagram has also been spotted discussing about the possibility of longer form video production with its potential partners, content creators and other publishers. This suggests that the company is really serious about bringing up this newer extended time version of its video sharing soon!