Simply, acne is characterized by excessive oil production clogging the pores of the skin. Acne is a general skin situation faced by many people. Studies suggest that every 6 out of 10 teens in the U.S. suffer from acne.

We all are aware of the basic knowledge of acne but sometimes basic knowledge can ruin our high intellect and simultaneously our approach towards solving the problem and specifically solving the skin condition of acne. Thus, here is a short and advanced version of knowledge on Acne:

Some fewer knowledge people quote that with time acne self- heal and thus they require no treatment. But, it is a complete myth as if acne is not treated timely they can bring you repercussions.

Resultant effects of Acne:

Many people claim acne has no after effects, it is true but if taken care of otherwise it can have the following effects:

  • Scars on skin
  • Dark spots and blemishes

Cause of Acne:

Acne is out rightly caused by blockage of skin pores but there are multiple reasons which cause the blockage of pores. Simply, the clogged skin leads to the formation of the dead cells on the skin and that causes the small nodule which later takes the shape of acne. So, anything which causes the problem of excessive oil production or blockage of the skin pores can be ragingly included in the cause of acne. Lack of skincare is one common cause that leads to the multiplication of acne. Sometimes, dandruff to causes the acne on body and face. Generally, the

Stages of Acne:

Formation of acne can be marked on your face and body in different stages. Some people can face the chronic form of acne while some can face the mild acne. The very first stage of the acne formation is blocked pores followed by the dead skin on the face which takes the shape of acne. Thus, if acne is not treated on right time the small acne can cover the whole of your face. And, it can take shape of cyst too.

Also Know Types of Acne

Prevention of Acne:
That is always stated that “prevention is better than cure” and thus preventing the breakouts is the better way. If your skin is generally acne prone you need to take care of following


  • Avoid including the oily and spicy food in the diet. As food has a greater role to play on skin and thus not taking care of your skin can be a real problem.
  • Taking care of your skin and preventing expose from any kind of acne causing reason.
  • Following the proper skin care regime and including the acne prone skin face wash to treat your acne skin.
  • Taking medication if required.

Thus, acne is a small problem if handled with caution but if right care is not considered it can lead to various other skin related problems.

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