In this competitive world where everyone is chasing money and materialistic things, most of the human beings have ignored the most important pillar of their life. “THEIR HEALTH”.

The one who has health has hope, and the one who has hope has meticulously everything”. On this very idea, the “KICKSTARTERS” have recently kick-started some of the most astounding health care projects which will ensure the wellbeing of we human beings. “Kickstarter” is dedicated to deli 9vering the profound health care products nurturing and helping mankind for a better tomorrow. The following article presents the top 10 health products which can take your lifestyle and well being to the next level.

  1. BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly

 If you are amongst those geeks of IT companies or bank managers, who are straining their eyes on the PC or thrusting their arms on the desk and giving a parabolic shape to your well erect spine, then this product is a shaft of light for you.


Better back is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Using it for 15 minutes daily can help you recreate your posture and give you a stunning look of a confident being with that erect spine. 16,459 backers pledged $1,193,776 to help bring this project to life.

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  1. LVL- The First Wearable Hydration Monitor

60% of the human body is made of water. And to ensure that this 60% doesn’t strain up at all, KICKSTRATERS have come up with this Hydration monitor which is similar to those fitness bands but with a lot, better features available like tracking activity, mood, sleep, HR and much more. 7,501 backers pledged $1,186,983 to help bring this project to life. First-Wearable-Hydration-Monitor

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Ever had a problem while cleaning those dirty and large bedsheets. We know that it’s a tedious task to clean those up. But what if they never get dirty? Yes, with SILVON we will completely turn around your bedding experience by introducing SILVON bedsheets, which never get dirty. The clean bedsheets serve for a healthy living. And so SILVON has been backed by many associations supporting them and helping them to nurture. 4,730 backers pledged $537,823 to help bring this project to life.


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Tired of adjusting those large fitness band on your wrist. Don’t worry we have something really comfortable for you. ”A smart ring”.
OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better. 2,383 backers pledged $651,803 to help bring this project to life.
A finger is the most significant place for meticulous measurement of body signals like heart rate, spo2, motion, and the temperature consistently throughout the day and night.
Made with ZIRCONIA, the ring has an app associated with it that recommends ways to optimize your sleep, activity, and readiness for perfect physical and mental balance. The ring is elegant, extremely comfortable, non-allergic, and scratchproof. Also, the ring is water-resistant.OURA-RING

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  1. Lief | Smart patch that fights stress

Stress is what decreases the efficiency of a person. Building it and nurturing it up in our lives can be deadly dangerous. In remark of that “Lief” has come up with the tool that can help to recover ad readjust in these hard and rushed lifestyle. They have introduced the all-new modern generation Smart Patches that help you to increase your performance and self-regulation by learning to control your heart rate
It uses HRV resonance training to develop a cooler nervous system and mental state also it recommends you to take short breaks and join meditation session to relax and keep calm throughout the day. 1,895 backers pledged $405,922 to help bring this project to life.


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6.)  Circadia System: Tracker + Lamp + App

Gone are the days of the Amazon Alexa and Google’s Mini AI’s which are more of a noisy shutter box nowadays. Introducing you to the Circadia, which also helps you to improve your sleep, mood, and energy unlikely to those of other AI-powered devices. Inspired by NASA’s technology, it’s also available in various color variants and also has many advanced features like body movement sensory and temperature, humidity informer, and much more. 1,002 backers pledged $203,099 to help bring this project to life.


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7) Digitsole Smartshoe | The World’s First Intelligent Sneaker

Yes as the name suggests it’s the Intelligent sneaker with : –
Movement sensors to analyze pronation, supination, propulsion levels, impact force, fatigue, posture, steps, calories, and more creating precise data that prevents injuries and improves your health.
SMART CONNECTIVITY – Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity enables personalized coaching recommendations, walking pattern analysis, and more in real-time via smartphone app based on activity data.
SNEAKER DESIGN – Next-gen shoe design includes auto-lacing, temperature regulation with heating, and more. The Smart shoe is designed into an ultra-light, premium leather, and Neotech EVA shoe.The-World's-First-Intelligent-Sneaker

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8.) SproutsIO: Smart Microgarden

Who doesn’t want to eat fresh, organic fruits and veggies? But everyone has an issue to find it at the market. Then why not grow those at your home? Yes, with SproutsIO you can grow them indoors, with an app-controlled system, managing and nurturing them throughout the year, without the need for external sunlight or muddy soil. No matter how your experience was with gardening, this technology makes your gardening more convenient and fruitful.
323 backers pledged $116,576 to help bring this project to life.Smart-Microgarden

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9) PATH Breath+Band: uses breath to measure how you burn fat

A person’s metabolic activities can be tracked using his breath. PATH makes use of this idea and predicts how your body burns fat and sugar throughout the day. Once you set your goals it suggests you for the daily targets of exercising depending on your calorie intake and other parameters of your body. With the PATH Band on your wrist, you use PATH Breath for about 5 minutes once a month while you take a walk or perform the activity of your choice. PATH Breath measures your oxygen and CO2 levels during each stage to predict your 24-hour metabolism to the minute. The PATH band tracks a user’s active minutes and intelligently guides them to reach optimal fat burn with a 24-hour heart rate monitor and a pulsing LED light. All the data is synchronized with the AI-based PATH app to track down and commence for a better living.
421 backers pledged $103,580 to help bring this project to life.path-breathe-and-band

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10) FED UP: Food Education For Every Classroom

From scolding their children to beating them, parents have done it all to make their children eat nutritious foods. But the scenario is getting so worse these days, as the children are so stubborn that they don’t even listen to their parents and would only eat if there’s some junk food around. But what if we make them understand and build healthy eating habits in a more easy way? This is possible with the movie FED UP, which every teacher should introduce in order to help students to have a quality health education.
1,135 backers pledged $162,903 to help bring this project to life.


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Thus, making better choices today can serve for a better future, and “KICKSTRATER’s” have made this process quite pleasant by introducing and backing up these astonishing projects. Whether it is exercising more, meditating more, eating more, or checking yourself – their products are there to support us and make adorable practical changes that fit in our life.


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