Vaginal dryness is one less discussed topic, though it does affect the pleasurable life of woman still it is one of the most ignored issue.
The so called ideal notion tag vaginal dryness as a issue demoralizing women‘s sexuality but such is not the case as vaginal dryness is something which is normal and occurs with the increasing age.

Understanding the problem of vaginal dryness and the victims:

Vaginal dryness is a common problem faced by woman in menopause but it can also be faced by the women with hormonal issues and the women during breast – feeding. Talking about the most common victims of vaginal dryness, the age shall never cease your sexual life. Making decisions in your age of maturity is a much needed step thus inculcating the use of Mae by Damvia is of great help. So, for all those who are seeking a review of the product, here is a complete researched insight into the Mae by Damvia:

What is Mae By Damvia?

It is a complete moisturizing lubricant ovule specially designed for woman in their menopause. It is an effective product to prevent the vaginal dryness by naturally lubricating the vagina. It is made keeping in mind the mature women and is highly adaptive to bodily needs. The best characteristic of the Mae is that it is suitable for long term uses. It is a no hormone and steroid lubricant with the minimal ph value of 3.7. The formula of Mae is developed devoid of water and alcohol and instead it has the natural ingredient like Cocoa butter to lubricate the vagina and render it ideal.

The All Natural Composition of Mae:

The composition of Mae by Damiva is complete natural product blessed with the essence of natural ingredient. The ingredients are environment and body suitable thus making it less probable to face any side effects. Mae is composed of 6 all natural ingredients including:

  1. Kokum butter:

    It is a derivative of mangosteen fruit. Kokum butter is a natural moisturizing agent with the presence of Vitamin E and it is non – greasy thus making it a worthy ingredient.

  2. Vitamin – E.

    A wonderful ingredient which act as preservative and known for keeping intact the freshness.

  3. Sodium hyaluronate:

    It is alternatively called as hylauronic and derived from the green leaves, thus there rises no doubt of it being a non – natural ingredient.

  4. Sea buckthorn extract:
    A berry which contains the healing property rich with the nutrients and anti- oxidants.
  5. Sugar:It is an anti- bacterial ingredient and has the superb quality of healing.
  6. Cocoa butter:

    well, the moisturizing quality of Cocoa butter is known to world which also helps the Mae to naturally moisturize the vagina.

Thus, the unique set of composition of Mae ingredients make it a worth and fruitful product to put in use for long term.

Using Mae, The Right Way:

Well, the frequency of using Mae ovules depends on the woman to woman. Generally, it can be used daily that is one ovule for a day. But, woman not facing much problem with regard to the vaginal dryness can use it in every 2- 3 days to keep the moisture of vagina locked in the most natural way and with no fear of infection to the vagina.

What Makes Mae Standout?

  • The amazing ingredients which are completely natural are the first and prime factor which makes Mae desirable products. The ingredients are uniquely and selectively chosen to keep up the bliss of nature enshrined in the product and giving the fruitful results with no fear of harm to vagina.
  • Ideal for aged women as it is made especially it is a product for the woman in their perimenopause and menopause to deal with vaginal dryness. There are not much of age specific products in the market designed for the woman and this one is best for the matured woman.
  • It can be used for long term unlike those temporary products which are to be used only during the intercourse. Thus its use for prolonged period is not going to create any undesirable outcomes.
  • The right ph level of the Mae helps it standout amongst the other vaginal products as it diminishes the incidences of the bacteria formation around the wall. So, it prevents the bacteria formation and help in healthy sexual life.
  • Better sexual experience is one another reason that makes Mae stand out of other products. s

Damvia is a new name in the market focusing on the launch of products catering to the vaginal problems of woman. It ensures quality products for woman needs by creatively creating the unique products. Mae is one such product developed by the experts of Damvia to keep the woman problems far – fledge and help her ensure the better sexual experience at the delicate stage of her life. Definitely, Mae by Damvia is a must try product.

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