Movavi Photo Editor

Almost everyone wants to try juxtaposing their photos in different backgrounds to determine which one looks best. You may want the software for background remover for so many purposes. It could be to share your photo on social media or for a professional photo editing purpose. But most people know that removing a background is a tricky job that requires the prowess of an experienced graphics designer. But that shouldn’t be the case with an easy-to-use background remover like the Movavi Photo Editor.

This photo editing software offers you basic tools so that anyone with simple IT skills can also use it. It works as much more than just a background remover. You can eliminate almost any unwanted element from your photos without any complex set of processes. This review explains the functions of this tool and how you can use it in just a few steps. The best thing is that it is not complicated. Anyone can use it.

Functions of Movavi Photo Editor

You can use this photo editor for functions more than just a background remover:

  • Remove background or any unwanted object in your photos
  • Improve the quality of your photos and remove any blemishes
  • Crop, flip and straighten the photos
  • Add filters and effects to your pictures by choosing from a large number of options

Conventional photo editing software can be too complex for ordinary folks. You would have to learn their tools and functions for years before being able to perform even basic photo editing tasks. But with this background remover, there is no need to go through complex set of processes.

You will notice the simplicity in the following steps involved in removing the background:

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How to Use Movavi Photo Editor for Removing Background?

  • Browse for the photo that needs to be edited and add it to the working area. You can also drag and drop the picture in the working area.
  • Click on ‘change background’ option. Use the Foreground Brush tool to separate your photo from the background. Then use the Background Brush for marking the background. If you notice that you need to make changes to the background selection, there is the Selection Eraser tool. Once you have marked your own photo and the background, click Next Step.
  • The Background Mask brush allows you to mark the background that needs to be removed. You can also choose meticulous details like hair strands and fine details using the Refine Edge to ensure that your photo remains intact and separated from the background. Click Next.
  • The background remover will clear out the selected background and retain your photo (the object). You can now easily add any image to create a new background. Thus, you could show that your photo was clicked entirely in a different place. It could be a different scenery or setting. Just click on the Add Image option and you can choose an entirely new background.

Once you have removed and replaced the background, you can save the final image in any format of your choice. You could save the image in formats ranging from JPEG to BMP to PNG and anything in between.

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is at the core of this background remover. Other photo editing software requires you to use multiple tools through a complex combination process to achieve the desired results. Anyone with basic computer skills or the ability to use a mouse can use Movavi Photo Editor. Just a few clicks and market out the object and background and you can instantly remove the background. And you can take your photo anywhere, with any background. You can also easily add caption to your photos.

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Become Creative without Being a Designer

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone who wants t ao add innovative effects to their photos for sharing on social media sites, this background remover is a valuable software. It allows you to be creative without having to deal with complicated tools. You can even cut out objects from an image and create a background out of them.

Many beginner photographers are not expert designers. With the Movavi Photo Editor, you can be creative with your work without looking unprofessional. You can capture photos and choose white or blank backgrounds and replace it as per your needs. This background remover is also a valuable tool for experienced designers. It lets you remove and replace backgrounds and unwanted objects in fewer steps compared to other software.

So whether you are a professional seeking to enhance your work or someone looking to remove the photo-bombers or be a little more creative, this background remover can be just the right tool for you. Why hire the services of a professional graphics designer when you can do it in just a few steps? It’s simple, its quick and anyone can use it.