Maybe to a greater extent a stunner contraption than a wellbeing one, yet to the extent I’m concerned, keeping yourself trimmed is at the highest point of my wellbeing and prosperity. A standout amongst other I’ve utilized is the Philips One Blade, a half and half shaver and trimmer that can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair anyplace on your body and face. There’s the simple tap on looks over for a quick trimming activity in all the correct spots, and a double-sided cutting edge for exact edging to arrange your style less demanding than at any other time. The new form additionally incorporates two new searches made particularly for your, erm, “never-areas”.

Philips changed the prepping diversion with the presentation of the first One Blade – a crossbreed facial styler flaunting shave and trim abilities. Other than being an industry dear, it’s remained a buyer top choice, positioning high on Amazon’s best dealer rundown of electric shavers. Our first involvement with the One Blade ended up being a shockingly lovely one, as we portrayed it as a “promising marriage of shaver and trimmer with the possibility to fill in as the impression for your constant prepping works on pushing ahead.” That being stated, desires ascend much higher for the One Blade Face + Body.

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It’s likewise very minimal and lightweight so natural to toss in your duffel bag or take with you on ends of the week away, for example. A perfect present for yourself or your most loved shaggy individual in your life.

The Philips Norelco One Blade has a progressive new innovation intended for facial styling and body prepping. It can trim, edge and shave any length of hair. Its double assurance framework – a skim covering joined with adjusted tips makes shaving less demanding and agreeable. Its shaving innovation includes a quick moving shaper so it’s proficient – even on longer hairs.

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Trim it down

Trim your facial hair with one of the 4 stubble brushes and your body with the body brush toward any path.

Edge it up

Make exact edges with the double-sided edge. You can shave in either course to get incredible perceivability and see each hair that you’re trimming. Line up your style in a flash

Shave it off

One Blade does not shave as close as a customary cutting edge – so your skin remains agreeable. Contradict some common norms and shave off any length of hair effectively all over or body. Incorporates two cutting edges – one for face, and one for the body.

4 click-on stubble combs (1, 2, 3, 5mm) for an even stubble

Append one of the taps on brushes to get the even stubble length you need.

Create precise edges & sharp lines with the dual-sided blade

One Blade pursues the shapes of your face, enabling you to effectively and serenely trim and shave all territories. Utilize the double-sided sharp edge to style your edges and make clean lines by moving the cutting edge toward any path.

Click-on skin guard for sensitive areas

Append the skin monitor for an additional layer of insurance on touchy regions.

Easily trim in any direction

Join the body brush (3mm) for a simple trim toward any path.

Durable One Blade

The cutting edges are intended for enduring execution. For ideal execution, you will just need to supplant every sharp edge every 4 months. Substitution is simple and hassles free.

Water resistant: Use wet & dry

One Blade is water safe, so it is anything but difficult to clean: simply wash it under the tap. You can shave wet or dry, with or without froth – whichever you favor.

Long lasting Li-Ion battery

Battery-powered Li-Ion battery conveys an hour of consistent execution following a 4-hour charge.

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Honestly, the first One Blade was a front-line instrument that could be worked for manscaping needs. The sharp edge framework was planned extraordinarily well to trim hair without harming skin and diminished the danger of trims and aggravation. It simply wasn’t the most agreeable shave or trim on the body. This is the thing that makes the One Blade Face + Blade an all the more engaging choice.


Quite a bit of what made us such gigantic supporters of the main gen OneBlade stays unblemished. We can begin with its protected trimming innovation, which moves the shaper at 200x every second for a quick shave/trim. This joined with its double security framework furnishes extraordinary soundness with coast covering and adjusted tips executing versatile shaves.

As much accentuation as we’re putting on its body prepping temperances, we haven’t overlooked the One Blade Face + Body is likewise facial shaver and whiskers styler – a great one that profits by more current headways to do the entire preparing background.

Where most body hair trimmers come up short, the One Blade Face + Body succeeds. You feel a lot more secure employing this apparatus around your pits and balls on account of the skin protect, which is such a grip expansion for solace and trimming down there. I found the best technique to have a place descending strokes since the cutting edges on the base cut through underarm hair better.