Beaches have always been one of the most favored picnic spots for most of the people. The vast blue ocean, the cool breeze, and the waves kissing our feet have seemed to be a part of some long lost fairy tale now, right? Most of us would have crashed our weekends in the comfort of the beaches and would have visited the place, so as to relax our minds. But, the unexpected arrival of Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. Our lives lost their usual rhythm and we all got confined within the four walls of our houses.

But, now that the lockdown is at ease, most of the countries are lifting up the ban to visit beaches. Yes! Finally, we’d be allowed to go back to our favorite spot of all time, the beaches! But, as much exciting as it sounds, there is going to be a lot of issues that we might as well face.

The pandemic is not completely gone and we are still expected to maintain social distancing. Beaches often tend to get crowded and hence, to prevent the spread of the disease due to that, we should be following some safety measures.

Is It Safe To Go Back To The Beaches Now?

It’s safe to back at the beaches as long as your social distancing properly. Besides, since traveling to far places by planes and trains is prohibited, it’d be better that you visit some beaches near you and also that you go to your personal vehicle. Just taking a casual walk down the beach would be quite relaxing and would help you relieve stress. Also, you are expected to carry your own face masks and sanitizers with you.

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What Are The Safest Activities on Beaches?

Back in the time, we used to visit beaches with our family and friends, and playing games used to be one of the most favored activities. From beach volley to making sandcastles with our friends, beaches used to be synonymous with social packing. But, amidst such a crisis, we are expected to be careful. We should be keeping a minimal distance from everyone and also not to play group games. Most of the beaches only allow activities like swimming, surfing, jogging, and walking. If you are visiting the beaches, it should be for personal recreational purposes. And, matter what, keep your sanitizers and masks with you. Crowded places may result in the easy transmission of the virus, hence keep the distance. Stay away to stay safe.

Safety Tips To Be Followed At A Beach!

If you are visiting a beach again amidst this crisis, make sure that you follow the safety measures. Some of the safety tips you should be following are:

  • Maintain social distancing. Keep away from overcrowded areas.
  • Always wear a mask while interacting with others and use hand sanitizers.
  • Do not share your personal items with others, especially towels and sunscreens.
  • Do not touch your mouth or nose without unwashed hands. Keep your hands clean with sanitizers after touching anything.
  • Don’t Count on Public Facilities: If you are frequently going to the bathroom, you may want to skip going to the beach or limit your time there because restrooms will not be available.

Since the restrictions are at ease, many people are finally visiting back the beaches.

Huntington Beach in Southern California was finally open after a time and here are the responses of the visitors to our questions.

  1. How does it feel to be back at the beach after so long?

It indeed feels great! I mean, for a long time we had been staying inside our houses that it feels great to be out. But, yeah, the concern still remains. So, we are trying our best to follow the guidelines provided to us.

2. What is your opinion about the beaches finally opening? Do you think it’s a good idea?

As long as there is no crowd, as before I think it’s fine. If we take proper measures, including those of social distancing and using masks and sanitizers we can keep ourselves safe. If everyone does there part right, we’d be at lesser risk.

3. What are the safety measures you are taking while visiting the beach?

Well, I am carrying my mask and sanitizers. I am just here for recreation, you know just to chill here by the seashore. I am completely prepared to keep the social distancing and follow all the guidelines that were provided.

4. What are your concerns regarding the reopening of beaches?

The biggest concern is that of restrooms. Most of the beaches announced that restrooms won’t be opening, because of the high risk of transmission of the disease. Besides, if everyone chooses to visit the beaches once the lockdown is lifted, probably it wouldn’t be easy to control the crowd, so I guess the entry of visitors should be limited.



Social distancing is the most important step to be followed no matter where you are going. Out of sheer excitement, you shouldn’t forget the risks of the pandemic, and hence, no matter what you should be careful about following all the guidelines. Keep your masks and sanitizers with yourself and use them. If each one of us follows our responsibilities correctly, we’d make out if this. We are all in this together and hence, we all should act accordingly and responsibly.


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