It’s been years and iPhones taken over the whole Mobile phone markets, but people who can’t afford an iPhone they simply go with an Android Mobile. By The Way, It’s not that cheap πŸ˜›

Yes, I’m a fan of iPhone (I don’t have one yet, and I love my kidney) they have awesome features and always have something uniqueness in their product. Accepting the trust that not everybody can afford an iPhones.

So let’s get more from your android device.

I’ve tried to made a list of some useful android applications which will make you proud on your android device.

List of Best and Useful Android Apps of 2017

useful android apps 2017

It’s not that boring list which won’t interest you, believe me I’ve done my home work properly to set this list. I’ve really done too much hardwork to collect these awesome and useful android apps.

Let’s start with some basic apps.


Facebook Useful Application

It’s the most important and most beautiful application not even for android devices but for all the mobiles phones. Today’s generation really need this app to be in their android device.

Facebook have already taken over all the generation, It’s damn addicted man! Try to stay away.



It’s another the best social media android application, I agree that It’s not that engaging for few people but believe me some people don’t wake up without tweeting “Hell Yeah It’s Morning” -_-

Social media apps are important for all of us.



instagram - useful android apps 2017

For ugly people like me ;_; don’t want Instagram app in their android device but all the girls are going crazy about this #HashTagInstaMe follow me I’ll follow you, Owwee So cute! πŸ˜€

P.s – If god grant me one wish, I’ll ask for shutting down this Instagram ;_;


Are you getting bore? Because these are some basic applications? Okay, Let me give you something awesome and more useful android app.

Link2SD Plus – SD Card Manager

Link2SD Plus App

We (we stands for android users ;_; ) all face the most common issue one in our life, and that is “Storage Issue“. I’ve found this Link2SD Plus App very useful because of this we can transfer our applications data in SD card.

Which comes very handy when you’re reaching out your internal storage space, with this app you don’t have to very about downloading more android applications.

Go rough now! πŸ˜‰

GB WhatsApp App

Are you bored of using the same old WhatsApp?

Try GBWhatsApp Apk which is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp providing tons of customizing features and easy to use. GB WhatsApp works on multi-platform so you use it anywhere. If you’re looking for a complete customizable alternative for WhatsApp then GB WhatsApp is the best.

Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk is really a useful app and allows the user to removeΒ & delete all the in-app Ads and bypass licenses. If you’re really frustrated with those Ads then I highly recommend you to install this app.

ShareIt – Sharing App

shareit app
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The most useful app in the list, it can save our internet data. you know how?

Ask you’re rich friend to download it and tell him to share it to you via ShareIt πŸ˜› #SaveDataUseShareIt

ShareIt comes very handy for sharing stuff from your friends mobile or sharing you’re stuff to anyone. It doesn’t required any internet connection or higher android version.

Enjoy this free app for sharing.

Paytm – Money Wallet ZETA App

Zeta App

I agree Paytm is the most useful android application but still ZETA have more features also they give you VC (Virtual Card) and you can ask for a plastic card too.

They give you a virtual bank which is more digital then any other bank or app.

Use it and let me know what do you feel about it!

I Need to go now! :’)

So this is all I have today, you can send me some money and I’ll buy an iPhone and let you know the features of iPhone with useful IOS Applications πŸ˜›

Anyway, thanks for reading it don’t forget to share it with you’re friends and let them know about that “ShareIt App Feature” πŸ˜€

P.S – I still need an iPhone!