Craving for Mediterranean food bash while being in New York City? Indeed an issue, right? Hey, but don’t you worry! Here are some super-duper suggestions regarding the ten mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes to be tried in New York, along with where you can find them!!!

Mediterranean Dishes To be tried in New York


Now, what is a Mediterranean cuisine with no shawarma, right? For starters, let me introduce you to what shawarma is. It is made out of marinated lamb, beef, or chicken, including spices like allspice, cinnamon, and cardamom. Believe it, it is a feast to your taste bud. If you have not tasted Shawarma yet, well, it’s a loss. Now, where to find shawarma in new york city? Well, you could find it in any of the Mediterranean restaurants, which are like widespread in NYC, but if you are looking for the best, Zerda Mediterranean Cusine would help you devour the real taste of shawarma!!


Now, that’s a weird name, huh? But, the dish, it’s not. Shakshuka or Shakshouka is the kind of dish, that has existed in the Mediterranean cuisine for quite a long time. Yes, absolutely a heritage dish! Shakshuka is made of poached egg in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, pepper, and garlic, commonly spiced up with pepper and nutmeg! Here is something healthy and yummy you could actually adopt for, isn’t it? Shuka restaurant in NYC is where you can find Shakshuka in all it’s fullness.


You would possibly be wondering, like where or how to find kebabs in New York? I mean, it’s Mediterranean right? But, isn’t kebab like an omnipresent dish? And, you can surely find kebabs in New York, just expand your search! Kebabs consist of grounded meat, sometimes with vegetables, typically cooked on a skewer on fire, or it could be baked. Kebabs mainly are served as a main course. And, yes, if you are a dead beat fan of Mediterranean food, kebab is the one for you.


Lamb tagine is yet another Mediterranean food, nowadays quite much common in the streets of New York. Made of lamb, and a variety of spices, the smell itself is mouthwatering. Lamb tagine is also one of the Mediterranean food, which had been in the cuisine for quite so long, and now expanding to various places.


Craving for some Mediterranean styled pastries? Bourekas are here for your rescue! They are popularly Israeli pastry of Sephardic Jewish origin, made in a variety of shapes with the vast type of fillings, made up either of boureka dough or puff pastry. Well, why go for the common pastry when you could have bourekas!!

Mediterranean food


Now, if you think Mediterranean foods are all about spices, let me tell you, you are somewhere wrong! You want to taste something sweet and Mediterranean, go for Baklava! It’s a sweet dessert pastry made up of filo, filled with chopped nuts and he’d together and sweetened by either frosting or honey. Bet, your mouth is already watering! Especially, if you have a sweet tooth! Baklava which is of Ottoman origin is also widely available in the streets of New York.


Want to taste some really awesome Mediterranean soft drink?? Here is Ashta! It’s traditionally made with lightly sweetened full-fat milk and lemon juice which are slowly simmered until thick, often with the addition of rose water. One sip of Ashta is enough to quench your thirst. And, also it’s a healthy and tasty and very good substitute for the carbonated drink, which of course we know, isn’t that healthy now!


Are you a vegetarian? Fried Halloumi is an easy substitute for meat! It is a semi-hard, unripened cheese, made of either cow or goat’s milk, with a high melting point, so it can be easily fried or grilled. It is commonly available and used popularly as a meat substitute.


Are you on a diet? Want to try something healthy? How about you try Israeli Salad? It’s made of chopped tomatoes, cucumber, and bell or chili peppers. You can absolutely break a break from the regular salad (which is kind of boring!) and go for this Israeli Salad, right?


Now, this could be actually be used as a substitute for our old favorite, mayonnaise! Who wouldn’t want a change right? Hummus is a dip, spread, or savory dish made from cooked mashed chickpeas blended with garlic and lemon juice. Sounds tasty? How about you try it once?

That winds up the list of ten Mediterranean foods you should try while in New York. They are quite widely available in most of the Mediterranean restaurants in NYC and would allow you to have a blast of Mediterranean bash, right in NYC!


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