The pandemic Covid-19 have shaken the planet and have left everyone under deep concern and worry. It’s been months since the respective governments of the countries announced lockdown a resulting in every one us to be imprisoned within the four walls of our own houses, wondering when this will all be over and when we could once again get back to our normal life.

Probably, now we’d have a division in the time period as before and after Covid-19. Well, it did had a huge impact on our lives and it’d take us some time to settle back to normalcy. But, what about the changes awaiting us after this pandemic is over? I mean, some things might get expensive and some might get cheaper, probably beyond our expectations.

I mean, none of us might have expected that the basic face mask would go thrice it’s the actual rate before corona occurred right? And, hence we’d like to lay out some of our assumptions regarding the gross expensive products and the cheaper ones after the end of this pandemic! I mean, who knows what once was affordable might actually go beyond our reach, right? Well, the tables could always turn, no doubts regarding that.

Top 10 Things Will More Less & Expensive After Covid-19

1. Toilet Papertoilet paper

So, when the pandemic began and the lockdown began, people began going around frantically and storing up toilet papers. Literally, people had around buying bundles of toilet papers, that the was even shortage in their availability, which of course caused more panic.

What was more interesting was how suddenly the prices of toilet papers shot up, like anything. And, since people were quite desperately in need of them, they paid the price. But, we believe that once the pandemic and lockdown are over, the trend would be over and the price would eventually come back to normal.

2. Gas prices

gas prices

In a country like India, had prices have always been a matter of od controversy. I mean, they’d increase one fine morning and a few days later they’d decrease. But, the rate increased is always more than the rate decreased.

Yet, during the pandemic, had prices had considerably fallen, so that everyone could afford it, especially when people were facing a financial crisis, due to the stay home scenario. But, we believe once this pandemic is over, the gas prices might shoot up in a blink of eyes. 

3. None Other Than Petrol & Diesel 

petrol prices

The prices of petrol had always been quite high and also increasing alarmingly. But, ever since the lockdown, the petrol prices have drastically come down, because nobody was going out, or using their vehicles, obviously. But, once this is over, vehicles would be back on roads and the petrol prices would be probably soaring high, and people would have no choice than to pay. Well, of course indeed a matter of concern!

4. Alcohol

alcohol prices

It would definitely face an increase in the price. It’s for sure. And, since for quite so long, people had been deprived of alcohol, they would be willing to pay the asked amount with no hindrance. This would actually be a help to the particular country’s finance. 

5. Plane Tickets

plan ticket

If you are awaiting a luxurious vacation after the lockdown and pandemic, let us warn you, it’s going to rob you of your bank balance, probably. Brace yourself, because the place tickets might just be yet another expense we won’t be able to afford, for quite some time, we guess. The authorities have already dropped a hint regarding the possibility of raising the rate of plane tickets. So, how long till we be able to afford yet another relaxing vacation without completely draining our bank balance and savings? Well, we could only wait.

6. None Other Than Face Masks

face mask

Well, once the terror of this pandemic resided, people would eventually stop using the face make until in case of emergencies. The use of face masks might last for quite some time, but eventually would subside and as a result, their rate would also go down.

7. Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer

For the time being they are quite expensive and also facing a shortage. Ever since the pandemic hit, hygiene had been quite in the news. And, especially hand washing and the use of sanitizer to prevent the entry of the virus into our bodies.

But once, the pandemic ends, well, we’d still be using it (of course, we won’t be wanting to take any risk!) but, then we wouldn’t be so desperate. And, hence the chances are that their price would be going down.

8. Cosmetics Items 

cosmetic item

Well, I guess they’d be facing a drop in the price as they aren’t something we can’t live without. So even after if there is no as such business in the field, they’d eventually have to decrease the prices so as to attract the customers. The companies would probably need a hike in the business, especially when they might have faced a huge loss during the pandemic.

9. Movie Tickets

movie ticket

Probably there would be an increase in the price. The movie theatres had been closed for quite for so long, and hence they might have faced quite a heavy loss. And, hence to compensate for the loss, they would most probably be increasing the prices of movie tickets. 

Last but not the least, the tenth one our list, is something we all should be quite worried about.

10. Food Items


Something we’d be facing scarcity in the future for sure and as a result, we’d be witnessing an extremely soaring increase in the prices. The predictions about the possible famine that might hit the lands also add to the concerns. So, we can’t deny the possibility of having to face a scarcity of good items and also an increase in their prices. 

The life that awaits after pandemic may not be an easy one. We’d have to face a lot of changes and would have to be acquainted with the changes which may not be very much comfortable. Yet, we’d have to cope with the changes and adjust to them.

It’d actually take us some time to build ourselves again. Hence, we’d be expected to act accordingly to prevent our lives from becoming more difficult. And, it’s likely to happen that we’d be witnessing considerable changes in our own lifestyle and the life around us.


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