Things won’t be the same as they were especially at a place where a huge number of people gather i.e., malls. It will become the hub where people get infected if they don’t change the way they operate. There might be many things that would disappear forever because this pandemic is going to live with us for long. But our life goes on but with a few major changes from the way it was. You might have to have an appointment to go to a mall in advance to avoid a lot of crowds which will be dangerous.

Here are a few things which I could think might disappear from malls:

Touch screens:

Businesses will need to rethink public touch screens as more customers see shared surfaces as infection risk, regardless of how often they’re cleaned. ATMs, fast-food ordering terminals display, some people will carry special pens to tap the screens. Many firms will tout frequent cleaning or maybe offer free screen protectors to every user.


Fast-Food Workers:

Burger-flippers will be replaced with machines, particularly as minimum wages during a sort of state rise to $15. Behind the scenes within the kitchen, industry giants like Middleby Corp. and boutique startups like San Francisco’s Momentum Machines are all hard at work for devices that will combat tasks like loading and unloading dishwashers, flipping burgers, and cooking french fries. Humans won’t be totally out of the image — the machines would require supervision and maintenance, and dissatisfied customers will need appeasing. But jobs will plummet.


Tables and seats close together

Mall food courts are known for having many tables arranged close together. How many times have you scooted your seat back and might’ve accidentally bumped into the person eating behind you? Well, that is something that won’t happen again, as most dining locations will keep implementing the six-feet apart social distancing practices.


Free samples

There’s nothing quite like taking a stroll through the food court, munching on some free samples while you decide where to order your meal from. But that will be a memory of the past, as free samples are a way for many germs to easily spread. If you want to stay informed with everything COVID-19 related, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest coronavirus foods news delivered straight to your inbox.


Trays for your food

Most food court meals are served up to customers on a plastic tray. There’s a good chance you won’t dine on these anymore, as that is just another breeding ground for germs. Instead, you’ll most likely be served up food, takeout style with your food wrapped up in a bag that is handed to you to eat from.


Self-service condiments and napkins

Going up to grab some ketchup and napkins as you see fit is something else that will get the ax from mall food courts. Think about it—tons of people touch the handles and dispensers, so they would have to constantly be cleaned, after every use if we’re being honest here. That is simply unrealistic, as employees will be focused on cooking up food and distributing it to shoppers in a safe manner.


Long lines packed with people

Every mall food court features shoppers holding bags of the new clothes they just purchased, standing very close together, eyeing the menus of the fast-food restaurants they can choose from. Moving forward, you’ll most likely see lines that are spread out, as customers will be standing six feet apart from each other. There’s a good chance there will be markers on the floor of where to stand so no area ends up getting too crowded.


It is going to be difficult but who said it would be easier either! Afterall everything is for your own safety and for the savior of mankind. The irony is you are going to risk your own life and people who love it if you don’t adjust according to the situation and become even a bit careless, better be careful about what you touch.


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