Do you know why most of the people living in rural areas own farms? The answer is because they get a lot of benefits from the plants they plant in their farms. Now, it is not possible for people living in urban areas to own farms. But it is definitely possible to have a garden in their house. Most of us do not know the benefits of gardening, rather the benefits of the plants that grow in our garden. A flower that you have planted a simple one, but it might also have a lot of benefits if studied well. In this article, we will discuss 10 such plants that can be grown in your garden. These are cost-effective, easy to maintain as well as are beneficial to you.

  1. Aloe Vera– Aloe vera is available in markets and is cheap. You can grow the aloe vera in dry soil as it is a succulent. Most of us know that aloe vera is useful in the treatment of skin rashes or diseases. It is also helping to reduce the wrinkles in the aged face. But, do you know the other benefits of this plant? Well, let me tell you. Aloe vera helps in reducing constipation. If a person having constipation consumes the latex of the plant, he/she may have temporary relief from constipation.Green-aloe-vera-plants
  2. Asparagus– If you want to save your money, as well as try planting new plants in your garden, asparagus is the right one for you. It is easy to grow but you need to be patient as it takes time to grow. Do not worry about production. This plant produces vegetables for almost 20 years. Consuming asparagus helps in fighting cancer.
  3. Broccoli– Another cost-effective plant is broccoli. You can plant this in your garden and it will take hardly 12 weeks to grow. Broccoli has certain bioactive compounds that help to reduce inflammation in tissues. Studies show that tobacco smokers after consuming broccoli have reduced inflammation.fresh-broccoli
  4. Rosemary– A study conducted by Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology outlined that the aroma of the rosemary plant can increase your concentration and speed of working. The aroma of this plant is also good for our brain. It is not a difficult task to plant this plant. You can plant this in a tub if you do not own a garden.fresh-rosemary
  5. Tulsi– Most of us have this plant in our house, but few know the benefits of this plant. It is the most cost-effective plant that can be planted in anyone’s garden. In India, the tulsi plant signifies the Hindu religion. Other than this, the tulsi plant has a lot of medical benefits such as it cures cough and cold and lowers blood pressure.Tulsi-Ocimum-sanctum
  6. Marigold– Most of us know the marigold flower as an aromatic ornamental flower. But you are yet to know the actual purpose of this flower. This plant ointment can be used to treat insect bites and stings. In some cases, it relieves burnt skins too.marigold-in-the-garden
  7. Kale– Kale takes almost six weeks to grow and is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to wait for a long time for the growth of a plant. It is a great source of Vitamin C. It may also help to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attacks.kale-in-the-garden
  8. Rose– You might wonder, what help does rose do to human health? We have known rose to be a simple love, but it also has a lot of health benefits. Rose petals are used to make a tea that might help your sore throat get better. It’s antibacterial property also helps to cure the acne that might grow in your face.rose-flowers
  9. Spinach– If you do not own a garden but still want to customize your balcony with plants, here you go! A perfect indoor plant and that is spinach. Spinach has a lot of benefits because it has some compounds that make our immune system. Lutein is one of the plant compounds that help in improving eyesight.Raw-Organic-Fresh-Baby-Spinach
  10. Strawberry– Strawberry is not only used for topping a cake, but it is also used to treat certain health issues. Planting strawberry in your garden is one of the easiest tasks and is definitely cost-effective. It is worthy to be planted in your garden because it has ellagic acid as one of the plant compounds that help to solve many health issues.Strawberry

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