HP Pavilion x360 A laptop plays many critical roles in our everyday lives. Not only is it a trusted travel companion, a workspace, a writing aid, and a canvas, it’s also a study guide, a classroom assistant, and a lifeline to our social lives, to the news, and to Game of Thrones.

As arguably the most important piece of technology that you use on a daily basis, choosing the right laptop for your lifestyle is a weighty decision. But there’s one laptop on the market that can accommodate any and all of your creative, technical, professional, and academic needs.

Here’s how the HP Pavilion x360 fits into four very different personality types — as it will surely fit into yours.

HP Pavilion x360  Convertible Laptop (Silver)

The jet-setting travel blogger

You’re a content-creating machine, churning out articles, photo essays, and vlogs on practically an hourly basis. As a frequent traveler, you appreciate better than most the beauty of items with two-in-one functionalities. After all, carry-on space is a precious commodity and nothing beats a travel pillow that’s also a phone charger.

As one of the premier two-in-one laptops available, the HP Pavilion x360 easily transitions from serious work laptop (for when you need to set up shop in a local cafe to meet a fast-approaching deadline), to tablet (for when you’ve got 14 hours on a plane to kill and are in desperate need of entertainment). With diagonal HD touch display, the device makes photo management, storage, and editing easier than ever, so you can manage your entire Instagram outtake library faster than you can say “hot dogs or legs?”

HP Pavilion x360  Convertible Laptop (Silver)

The Inking feature is particularly handy for journaling: Jot notes directly onto the screen in the early stages of your creative process and supplement with hand-drawn designs that add creative flair. You’ve never experienced easier edits, either: Screen capture your first drafts, mark them up, and fire them off to your editor instantly.

The over-scheduled university student

HP Pavilion x360  Convertible Laptop (Silver)The world is your oyster, even if all you can afford for dinner is ramen and store-brand soda. Between classes, volunteering, running the university’s sustainability program, and a sometimes overwhelming social scene (and also occasionally remembering to video chat with mom), you’ve got a packed schedule. Now is the time for exploring your passions and figuring out who (and what) you want to be in the “real world” — oh, and remembering to have a little fun along the way.

Use the HP Active Pen to scrawl notes in class, create presentations that will blow your professors away, and send hand-drawn doodles to your BFFs on their birthdays. The laptop’s rich audio capabilities also mean that any small group study session can easily transition into a dorm-room dance party.