Tiger Woods’ Stagger Comeback at Tour Championship

Take a look at Tiger Woods’ Comeback shots here:

There was a period, as of late, where the main time you pondered Tiger Woods was to ponder when the official retirement declaration would arrive.

Image source by aljazeera

That was the point at which you pondered him by any stretch of the imagination. Woods was a far off apparition, an excellent memory exiled – by a blend of damage and self-caused outrage – to the peripheries of a game he had once commanded.

Image source by foxnews

He was a man with a body so destroyed that he attempted to twist down to lift his jumble from the container. He lumped drives, and the howls caught his pitching wedge and his putter.

Image source by sportingnews

The best player ever was dreadful of sitting in a golf truck to watch others play the President’s Cup in light of the fact that the knocks gave him so much torment. What’s more, golf truck rides on manicured title courses are not thrill rides.

Image source by SB Nation

Woods won the Tour Championship at East Lake here in Atlanta on Sunday with an effectively celebrated wire-to-wire achievement and the tributes before long started flooding in.

For Woods, who touches base in Paris on Monday during the current week’s Ryder Cup, it was clearly an enthusiastic triumph. His previously thought was for his kids Sam, 11, and Charley, 9.

“I hadn’t won any competitions in which they can recollect, so I think this will be somewhat extraordinary for them,” Woods said. “To have the capacity to have shared what I did with them at the British Open this year, I had a possibility, I had the lead.

Image source by ifooh

Tiger Woods’ Stagger Comeback at Tour Championship

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