Conclude this. Terminate instantly. Barricade yourself from being killed with this quarantine’s boredom, and make a move with the Top 5 Virtual Reality Games drowsing around in your mind and battling with this pandemic situation. Not that long ago, VR games were those that we only saw in science fiction movies. And that some never thought to have those on our screens. But with the existing technology, we have manifested the works of Virtual Reality Gaming.

So here are the Top 5 VRG’s for this stodgy lockdown which can helpfully terminate your boredom: –

1)  Resident Evil VII

 Available for PS-VR, this game takes the terror to the next level. This time the SAGA returns to its baseline and that you will have to explore a new shattered duplex that will always be with strained airspace keeping you in jaw-dropping suspense clutch. The game portrayed in the countryside of the US is characterized by generating a constant sense of panic and anguish. 

The reason being, the tense atmosphere and photo pragmatic’s style of the dark hallways and chambers created meticulously with extreme perfection and endurance.

2) Mortal Blitz

Mortal Blitz

This is a point shooter genre VRG in which you will take the role of “Yuhei”. She is a former deputy of elite government squad of soldiers and you will have a mission to interfere with the evil plan for the destruction of the TERATOMA domain. This game gives you different game options like double peephole where you can have the loaded arms in both your hands.

The antigravity control with which you can use your psychokinetic powers and manipulate different objects. Also, you get the training mode to practice your shots and be like a PRO and with the astounding system with which you can defeat your enemies with combat movements in slow motion. 

This experience is available in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

3) Assetto Corsa

assetto corsaAre you ready for the race? If you are the formula-one fan, then this one’s for you. It has a dynamic environment with which you can have an ultimate level of engagement. You will be able to experience hyper-realistic driving with the heat cycles including the granulation and ampoules with very advanced aerodynamic simulation with active mobile elements. With the legendary tracks and blitz cars, this game embarks upon the top VRG’s.

You can even participate in multiplayer challenges including the race championships and race weekends.

 This experience is available in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


farpointThe game provides us with the creatures having an insatiable appetite for human flesh on a planet were 2 of our scientists have been trapped during a mission. The objective is to get those 2 back safely to the earth.

It provides us an arsenal with futuristic weapons similar to AK’s and SMG’s. This many fascinating modes of play encouraging you to pick up the joystick more and more. 

This game is available for the PlayStation VR.


skyrimAn epic fantasy adventure that explores new magical lands and ancestral dragons. In this, you will play the role of a dragon born who can only defeat the dragons.

The universe of this game is full of stories and characters that form a world in which you can walk and interact with people depending on the course of the story and your actions. This game is available for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

So whichever genre it takes, the VRG’s have embarked their positions marvelously in the gaming industry. 

So which one would you like to have?


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