Critical Role of HorMones In Acne formation:-
Acne profoundly is not a teenage issue but studies suggest that post- teenage also the incidents of acne are common in many individuals. Acne is considered as a general skin problem, but variants of the acne propose different cause of acne.
Acne is not a normative health issue which can be dealt with ease as they symbolically explain the mal – functioning of the internal body system. A layman perspective of acne can be oily skin or dead skin formation, but the advanced sciences pose a different reason altogether. Hormonal acne or to be specific, programmed acne which appears during the particular period are the result of hormonal disturbance.

What Causes Hormonal Acne ?

A very common condition of the skin, acne problems are experienced by many of us. Information about the ailment is less, and this results in the improper and ineffective treatment of acne. It is a common thought process to believe you are the only out affected by such problems. The reality is somewhat different. In the United States, it is the most common skin ailment experienced by people.
One of the known major causes of acne is the presence of bacteria on human skin. When acne breaks out due to an excess amount of oil secretion by our hormones, it is like fueling the fire. This condition is known as hormonal acne. It can occur to you at any age.
Causes of adult acne or hormonal acne in men and women are dirt, stress, dead skin oil, oil excretion on the skin, pollution, improper diet and sometimes use of wrong skin products.  It is a complicated skin condition and needs a thorough understand to get rid of it.

Kinds of Hormones And Its Function:

There are specifically three kinds of hormones which lead to the hormonal acne i.e. Androgens, Insulin, and Cortisol. Commonly these three hormones increase the sebum production in the human body which clogs the skin pore causing the outbreak of acne. How these three hormones distinctly cause the fluctuation in the internal mechanism leading to increased sebum production:

  1. Insulin:

Related to the sugar level in the body is one of the hormones which can give you acne blues. The increase in dietary sugar or blood sugar level can gear up the production of insulin. Sugar intake in any form is responsible for increasing the blood sugar level thereby disturbing the systematic process of insulin and causing a disturbance.

  1. Androgen:

Androgen, a male sex hormone produced in adrenal glands or sebaceous glands is one stubborn hormone. Increased level of androgen is responsible for the increased sebum production thereby inducing the acne formation on the skin. Testosterone if taken as dietary supplements can also cause the hormonal acne as they increase the secretion by sebaceous glands.

  1. Cortisol:

Stress is the key ingredient which boosts the cortisol production in human body. Growing age is considered as one of the leading reasons of higher cortisol level in the body. Prolonged exposure to stress without a sigh of relief causes dilemma to cortisol.

Here Are The Major Causes Of Acne Outlined For Your Understanding:-

    1. Excess hormone output by sex organs – A condition of high blood sugar increases the level of hormones produced by providing an extra amount of sugar to the ovaries. As a result of this, unused testosterone is released into the bloodstream that what is required and the body is needed to get rid of it. This is considered s one of the major causes of acne in women.
    2. Stress –Stress seems to be the wrongdoer in every human ailment till date. Found to one of the biggest causes of adult acne is stress. This is because the same amount of testosterone is also released by our adrenalin when we are stressed.
    3. Sensitive to hormones – Some of us are born with some hormone receptors on the oil glands present on our skin. This is one of the major causes of acne in adults. With age as more Androgens are released in the body, development of acne is most likely to happen.
    4. Overkilling of the immune system –TLR7 or ‘toll-like receptor 7’ are immune genes which occur in more quantities in some individuals. These TLR7 genes are one of the many major causes of acne occurrences in adults. When these genes recognize the presence of bacteria, they send more cells for fighting it out. Hence, risks of inflammatory pustules increase causing acne.
    5. Periodical Causes –Causes of acne in women in or around her menstrual cycle can directly be due to hormones. Increased levels of hormone Progesterone increases the release of sebum in the oil glands. This sticky oil substance causes acne.

      Preventive protocols to check the cause of hormonal acne:

      Hormones are one of the leading causes of adult acne. Experts’ claim that the hormonal acne once appears can only be treated naturally, but they can be prevented. More than the cure, hormonal acne needs prevention as that controls the causes of acne.

      –   Reducing the stress level as stress proportionately affects the hormonal level of an individual.

      –    Diet control is one remarkable preventive way to control the hormonal acne.

      –   Balancing the hormones naturally is an effective preventive measure to curb the hormonal acne.

      –   Lowering the sugar intake is a good preventive measure to control the cause of hormonal acne.

      –    Revamping the skin care routine is an added prevention to restrain the hormonal acne on the skin.

      It is a common myth that hormonal acne is frequent phenomenon during teenage, but the practical implication is entirely different. Hormonal acne breakout simply associates them to the hormonal transition in the body, so any time any internal change occurs the hormonal acne can transpire.

      Commonly, hormonal acne occurrence is experienced in people in age groups of the 20s, 30s,40s and 50s. There are no fixed causes of adult acne. Neither is there a fixed treatment for it.

      Dermatologists do recommend treating hormonal acne by following a good skin care regimen along with medications. No matter how small it is, one must seek professional help right at its first outbreak.

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