Google has just released all new YouTube music streaming service. It is now available to some of its users with different plans. First, the basic one is for free but this will come with tons of adverts. Next on the line is the one for $9.99 and there won’t be any advertisements in it. And finally, it is the $11.99 per month for the users of YouTube Premium which was earlier known as YouTube Red. The $11.99 plan offers original video content. If you already have a Google Play Music subscription, you’ll get YouTube Music as a part of your membership plan.

Google has always used its YouTube as its flagship in its battle in the music based app industry. Every time you see Spotify doing its best in giving its best, Google does the same with YouTube. In fact, most times, it makes sure to stay forward and leave its competitor behind. Thus, this time too, it didn’t take any chance of lagging behind and came up with a complete redesigned app along with brand new desktop player making sure it does its best when it comes to playing music.

Google has often times stated that YouTube is one of the best known music based app and stay ahead when it comes to offering best music listening opportunity to its users as it doesn’t just offer the official version of the songs but also the remixes, liver versions as well as the covers.

In fact, Google even promised its users that its AI will soon make YouTube  Music a completely “lean back” experience  for the users who often get overwhelmed by so many choices that one comes across on most of the streaming platforms.

In other words, YouTube will do all “heavy lifting” tasks of searching and discovering the songs and music that the user would like to listen to. Interestingly, YouTube already does a lot of “heavy lifting” task for several other areas for its users. For instance, its new feature “Your Mixtape” perfectly compiles music from your favourite artists or the songs that you listen to more frequently, along with new recommendations into a collection automatically. And as Mixtape gets downloaded to your phone automatically, it makes your access to your favourite music more accessible. YouTube Music recommendations will take care of several variables such as time of the day and location while providing you with your favourite music.

However, at the moment, it is accessible only to a small group of people with users from only a couple of countries such as United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea. But the good news is that it will soon be available to several other countries in the coming weeks. These countries include Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K.