Overview of ST-Mate

St-Mate is a complete estimating package for the woodwork professional. Over 24 years in the works. It is easy to use and comes with an entire up-front office package so you can estimate / ST- MATE any type of project you want, COMMERCIAL WORK, RESIDENTIAL WORK, HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITIES, BANKS, OFFICES, HIGH RISE RESIDENTS, STORE FIXTURES and COMMERCIAL KITCHENS. From a 2 to 3 man shop to over 50 people and all in-between. It’s a must for any start up and an up-grade to anything you are currently using now.

How much does St-Mate Cost

A lot less than you think!  
$5000. For the first seat of ST-Mate $2,500 for the second seat and $1,000 per seat beyond that. 

Remember, I have been working on this for over 24 years and have perfected it with my own business. So you are not paying all the start up costs.